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Dr Cyres K . Mehta’s International eye centre combines the skill and expertise of an internationally famous surgeon with the best technology and lasers that money can buy. Everything you see here is simply the best in the world. Nothing but the best for your eyes is our mission statement.
Recent advances in the treatment of low vision
1. For patients of central visual loss for eg Dry macular degeneration, we can implant a special lens which has a small zone in the centre which acts as a magnifying glass
2. Implantable miniaturized telescope -This is a tiny device which we implant to magnify the central vision
3. Retinal implants for eg Argus II – These devices are in development and hold the promise of better vision for totally blind people in the future.

202 , Ramnimi Building, Mandlik Road, Cotton World Building, Next To Indigo Restaurant, Colaba, Mumbai- 400001, India


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